X- Team Equipments Private Limited

X- Team Equipments Private Limited

X- Team Equipments Private Limited

Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Vacuum Lifter And Beam

Backed by the team of skilled professionals, we manufacture, supply export and trade a wide assortment of Pneumatic Cylinder, Hydraulic Cushioning Cylinder and much more.

Compressed Air and Gas Pipe Fittings.

Vacuum Lifter

Vacuum Coil LifterGet Quotation

Vacuum Coil Lifter

Vacuum Hose LifterGet Quotation

Vacuum Hose Lifter

Vacuum AccessoriesGet Quotation

Vacuum Accessories

Needle Valve

SS Flanges and Fittings

Ball Valve

3 Way Ball ValveGet Quotation

3 Way Ball Valve

SS 304 Ball ValvesGet Quotation

SS 304 Ball Valves

SS Ball Valve

Butterfly Ball ValvesGet Quotation

Butterfly Ball Valves

Air Ball ValvesGet Quotation

Air Ball Valves

Pneumatic Ball ValvesGet Quotation

Pneumatic Ball Valves

Y ValvesGet Quotation

Y Valves

Instrumentation Fittings

Hydraulic Manifolds

SS Round ManifoldGet Quotation

SS Round Manifold

Hydraulics ManifoldsGet Quotation

Hydraulics Manifolds

Pipe ManifoldGet Quotation

Pipe Manifold

Manifold BlocksGet Quotation

Manifold Blocks

Pneumatic Pump

Diaphragm PumpGet Quotation

Diaphragm Pump

Pneumatic Glue PumpGet Quotation

Pneumatic Glue Pump

PumpGet Quotation


Vacuum Beam

Heavy Duty Cross Beam

Heavy Duty Cross BeamGet Quotation

Heavy Duty Cross Beam

Facade Lifter

Facade LifterGet Quotation

Facade Lifter

Special Solutions

Vacuum Pump And Suction Cups

Midi Vacuum PumpGet Quotation

Midi Vacuum Pump

Maxi Vacuum PumpGet Quotation

Maxi Vacuum Pump

Mini Vacuum PumpGet Quotation

Mini Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Suction CupGet Quotation

Vacuum Suction Cup

Booster PumpGet Quotation

Booster Pump

Vacuum Ejector

OEM EjectorGet Quotation

OEM Ejector

Compact EjectorGet Quotation

Compact Ejector

Hydraulic Cushioning Cylinder

Hydraulic Hoses

Pneumatic Cylinder

Pneumatic Valve

One Touch Fitting

One Touch TeeGet Quotation

One Touch Tee

Release Coupler

Quick Release CouplerGet Quotation

Quick Release Coupler

Quick Release CouplerGet Quotation

Quick Release Coupler

Quick CouplerGet Quotation

Quick Coupler

Axial Valve

Closed Axial ValveGet Quotation

Closed Axial Valve

Air Hose ReelGet Quotation

Air Hose Reel

Open Axial ValveGet Quotation

Open Axial Valve

Pneumatic Button Valve

Safety Air GunGet Quotation

Safety Air Gun

Solenoid Valve

Compact Mini Ball Valve

Flow Control Regulator

Braided PVC Hose

Braided PVC HoseGet Quotation

Braided PVC Hose

Direction Control Valve

Water Coolant Gun

Coolant GunGet Quotation

Coolant Gun

Quick Connector

Quick ConnectorGet Quotation

Quick Connector

Fractional Tube

Polyamide TubeGet Quotation

Polyamide Tube

Polyurethane TubeGet Quotation

Polyurethane Tube

Nylon TubeGet Quotation

Nylon Tube

In Line Vented Ball Valve

Pneumatic System

Pneumatic Pump for Oil Industry

Mini Ball Valve for Water Tank

Pressure Gauges

Pressure GaugeGet Quotation

Pressure Gauge

SS Mould NippleGet Quotation

SS Mould Nipple

Aventics Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics